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sobriety and recovery while in vacation in Sosua and Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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Recovery Vacation Sosua, Cabarete, Dominican Republic - sober while on vacation

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Recovery Vacation at John's Recovery Guest House - Our Mission

After living on St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands for many years, John Fitzgerald found it became overcrowded with people, pollution and drugs. In 1987 John moved to the Dominican Republic, where he rapidly became very concerned that there were no English Speaking AA meetings - so he and his Sponsor Mike started one, the ‘North Coast English Speaking Group’. This experience and being here now for over 20 years has given him a great insight to the Dominican Republic.

‘'John's Recovery Guest House’ was rented, at first a very small two bedroom house. John started a small swimming pool business, this was necessary so he could survive in this lovely country, with these lovely people.

Before he knew it, to stay sober himself, he was helping out other drunks, drunk and sober. It didn't matter to him. Of course the idea was to get the drunk ones sober with the help of the sober ones. This was not only helpful to him staying sober, but also very, very rewarding on his 'Path to Recovery'.

Once started, ‘John's Recovery Guest House’ was bought and a few rooms added. Year by year John met many people while in recovery, many returned to visit and wanted to stay again at John's Recovery Guest House. As he got older and now has a son (Johan), the idea to offer vacation rentals for those traveling while in recovery was born. Now that it is a reality, he looks forward to sharing his little piece of paradise with you.

One of the most important things John learned during this adventure is to make his guests feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. He tries very hard to get you relaxed as soon as you get here. He will meet you at the airport and bring you directly to the guest house. Come join the ‘serenity in paradise’. We want your stay with us to be unforgettable, and hopefully, just the first of many.

Thank you,
John, Johan and our wonderful Dominican staff


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sober vacation, recovery vacation, Cabarete, Sosua, Dominican Republic