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Recovery Vacation Sosua, Cabarete, Dominican Republic - sober while on vacation

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Recovery and Sobriety while on Vacation - John's Recovery Guest House

Testimonials - read what our guests have to say:

"I had the pleasure of staying at Johns guest house in the fall of 2008. It will always be a highlight of my recovery and of my time in the Dominican Republic. I found sanctuary at Johns where I could relax and reflect and share time with like minded individuals. One of the most intriguing aspects of the experience was the chance to meet people in recovery from all over the world and to hear their tales and adventures. Johns guest house is a special unique place run by a special guy whom Im happy to call my friend."
---- Marc L. ----

"Dear John, I just wanted to write and tell you how truly grateful I am to you for holding the meeting at the Sober House on a permanent basis. It truly is the best setting we have ever had here on the North Coast, indeed it has to be one of the most beautiful and tranquil meetings I have ever attended ( and as you know I have been to many throughout the world ).. The group seems to be growing and I am pleased to see more and more tourists and out of town visitors attending regularly.. You are doing a great service and I hope many members sharing time at our meetings can be touched by your kindness as have I."
----- Love and Light, CP.. xx ----

"John's recovery house may have saved my life!
I was the sole representative for my service organization working in the Dominican Republic with street kids. My job was an extremely stressful one that required working over 100 hours per week and living onsite. Things with my organization completely fell apart and I was forced to move out. At the same time my bipolar disorder went nuts due to the climate change affecting my lithium levels. I was all alone during a suicidal depression in a country where I could not speak the language.
My higher power was working some miracles at the same time, though. It just so happened that one of two English speaking AA meetings on the entire island was within a few miles of where I had been living. I got to know John and the strong program he works at the few meetings I was able to make. After my world fell apart, I called him and he said I could move in. Just when I needed a place to stay, a couple of John's renters had left and a room had opened up for me.
John's recovery house was an unbelievable safe haven for me at a very dangerous time. I was surrounded by people working the program. I was fed three meals a day. I was able to enjoy the beautiful Dominican landscape around me. I enjoyed amazing moments of serenity during quiet kayak rides through his man-made lagoon chanels. I awoke to daily meditation time followed by a meeting each morning. I was able to blow off steam playing basketball on his new court. I could walk to the amazing beaches of Cabarete.
It is terrifying to think about what could have happened to my sobriety and my life had it not been for John and his recovery house. I plan on returning to this piece of heaven as soon as possible and spending time with the great friends I made who live there."

--- Noah A. ----

"I have known John F. since 2001, almost all the time I have been living in the Dominican Republic. Although we come from different fellowships, I recognized John as a "fellow traveler" the first time we met, when I was desperately in search of a meeting. He talked the talk without being obvious or pushey and, as I got to know him, I very soon realised that he not only talked the talk, he also walked the walk. We have been through some very tough times together, hit different bottoms at the same time during recovery, and I have always been humbled by his honesty, selflessness and courage. He is a man of great wisdom, knowledge of the program and perseverence, and has a naturalness, warmth and humour that I love dearly.
I have spent many hours at his home and now Retreat Centre and, although I have been in fellowship for many years, did my first 90 meetings in 90 days with him in this wonderful environment. The place exudes natural beauty but there is also an almost tangible serenity there which comes not only from the surroundings but from the people who live and visit. I would definitely make this the place to visit if your recovery is important to you and you want to take it a step further.
--- Linda S. ----

I found at John's guesthouse the restorative getaway I needed. There was time and space every day to balance recovery fellowship and quiet meditation and running on the beach. I came away rested from long nights of sleep and energized from the fresh air and the whole food diet. I really appreciated that this is a safe place for a woman to come alone. I felt well cared for, from being picked up at the airport by John, to Ramona's good cooking, and I'll be back very soon for another dose of their TLC.
--- Jane Aston (Canada) ----


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sober vacation, recovery vacation, Cabarete, Sosua, Dominican Republic